Lawyer / Dog Trainer

The school you're studying, whatever the job you're doing; touch your dreams those when you were a child looking at the clouds and dream about. Who knows? Perhaps the inspiration of the touch encourages you to realize your dreams.

Eda ÇELİK, born in 1987 in Nevşehir, is the oldest of 4 children. Her dog adventure  has started at the age of 9 with a dog found in the Street,  feeding it in the basement of the apartment.

Eda ÇELİK graduated from Başkent University in 2012. After completing her apprenticeship in 2012, she worked at her own law firm between the years of 2014-2016. She has been working as a corporate lawyer at the Information and Communication Technologies Authority Since 2016

Eda ÇELİK is fluent in English. In 2017, she took courses at Erkan DİŞOĞLU and Ahmet YILDIZ as Dog Trainer at Dost K9 Training School. She has completed Puppy Training Course Program, Obedience Theory and Practice Course Program and Dog Training Course Programs. She has joined Dost K9 Team as a Dog Trainer in September 2017. During the time she worked on the weekends, she made significant contributions to the training of many dog ​​owners and companions.


TOMAK (Social Incidents Response Board)

Animal Rights Board

Young Lawyers Board

Communication and Cooperation Board with Law Faculties

Refugee Rights Board


(Lawyers working in the field of children)

-American Bar Association- Rule of Law Initiative


- Certificate of Obedience Theory and Practice Course

- Dog Training Certificate

- Ankara Bar Association Refugee Law Certificate

- Ankara Bar Association TOMAK (Community Attendants and Lawyers)

- Ankara Bar Association Legal Aid Training Certificate

- Ankara Bar Association CMK Program Certificate

- TURAVAK & Başkent University Health Law Certificate

- TBB Tree of Life Project Certificate

- Occupational Safety and Occupational Accidents (Certificate of Expertise)

- TBB Energy Law Training Certificate

-TBB Health Law Training Certificate

- TBB Urban Transformation Training Certificate

-TBB Land Law Training Certificate

- Türavak Health Law Online Training Certificate

- ÇAÇAV- Strategic Trial Training Certificate

-American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative- Rights Legal Education Certificate of Syrians living in Turkey

- American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative - American Bar Association Association Law on Child Rule Initiative and International Child Center - Child Rights Training Certificate for Lawyers Working with Refugees

- American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative - Psychosocial First Aid and Sexual Protection Related Violence Mechanisms Certificate in Education for Living Syrians in Turkey (Psychosocial First Aid and Gender Based Violence For Protection of Syrianska in Turkey)