Pet City and Life & Life Magazine author. Program Consultant and Dog Training Specialist at TRT Founder of the Dost K9 Dog Training School, Dog Training and Behavior Specialist, Master Trainer.Author Pet City and Life & Life Magazine. Program Consultant and Dog Training Specialist at TRT School tv channel.

Erkan DİŞOĞLU started his career as an International Dog Instructor in 1991 after graduating from Dog Training School in Hannover, Germany. In 1994, he became the first non-profit Turkish consultant and trainer of the TNP.

He took part in the establishment of the Gökçeada Regiment Command Dog Training Team and in 1999, during his military service, he carried out the training of the Guard dogs and their handlers.

In 2000 he founded Dost K9 Dog Training School. Thousands of dogs provided training to their owners to establish a better and more balanced relationship with their dogs. He carried out studies focused on behavioral disorders and solutions in dogs. He taught the owners how to train their dogs.

153 times TV news. He gave seminars about Dog Training and Human-Dog relations. He has focused on the treatment of autistic children and the use of dogs in the recovery of young people with psychological disorders.

He prepared a program called "I Train My Dog" at TRT Okul. The focal points of the program are:

  • Visiting families having problems with their dogs,
  • Analysis and resolution of problems,
  • Visiting schools and organizing seminars for students,
  • To teach commands that can be easily applied by dog ​​owners.