The main activity of Dost K9 Dog Training School is the training of dogs and their owners;  But in our 5.000 square meter complex, we have the capacity to accommodate 124 dogs individually.


In contrast, the general approach (where the dogs were kept together in a limited number of cages  and remained in the same place for 24 hours); Every dog ​​who stays in the Hotel section of our school stays alone in the room reserved for him/her at night and during the day in the relaxing open air area reserved for him/her. The main purpose of this is that the dogs have a safe and peaceful resting area.


Every dog ​​will benefit from training and play areas during the day. Dogs with social and balanced character play with other friends in the playgrounds and have fun. In the meantime, our expert trainers and carers are in the training and play areas. So you can be sure of the fun and of course the safety of your dog.

Our training and entertainment areas are grassed and secured by panel fences. Your dog's health is important for us.


It is our basic goal to ensure a healthy stay, not just pleasant, peaceful and safe stay.  We always take care of their healh with the hourly checks and the veterinarians visiting our school fort he  dogs at least two days a week.

To protect the health of your dog and other guests;  we can not  accommodate  vaccine-incomplete dogs.


Dost K9 continues its activities before and after opening its doors to human guests . At night, we ensure your dog's safety with our Guard Dogs  and staff on campus. Furthermore, our campus is monitored with 24/7 security cameras and all activities are recorded.


The continuation of your dog's diet without being  changed  is an indispensable rule for his health. Therefore, we would like you to bring enough dry food with you during stay .

If you have any special requests regarding nutrition and your dog's on-going medication, please notify us at check-in.


The check-in and check-out hours of the dogs will benefit from the hotel service. We can accept and deliver between 09:00 and 18:30 in the morning. Although there is a possibility of delivery that can be extended up to 19:00 hours in case of necessity, which is notified one day in advance; After this time, we cannot accept the desired exits in order to allow the rest of the dogs to stay comfortable.


Your dog regularly receives grooming service during the stay and on the day of check out. If you wish to have your dog washed at check-in or check-out, please state this in your registration form during check-in.