It’s clear that You are going to face with a lot of problems in this new road where you are walking with your companion. In this ”special“ course, you will be presented with all the problems and solutions you may encounter.

Our 27 years of experience has taught us this: the majority of the unwanted behaviors of the dogs are created  by the wrong approaches of owners.

Why would you face a new problem in every new day? Come visit us for our lesson which takes only 2-3 hours. Find out which behavior can lead your dog to which problem. Let us tell you the correct behavior patterns.


  • The toilet problem,
  • Chewing the furniture,
  • Jumping on you
  • Begging for food,
  • Biting clothes and hands,
  • Monophobia,
  • Excessive barking,
  • Aggression against other dogs,
  • Pulling the leash (and you😊)  during walking,
  • Eating whatever finds on the ground problem during walking,
  • Socialization,
  • Coat health,
  • Healthy eating,
  • The importance of games and toys in your dog’smental development,
  • Dog body language,
  • The importance of healthy and uninterrupted communication,
  • Health tips,
  • Importance of vaccination,
  • Limitations,
  • The similarities and differentiations of the concepts of “family” and “ Pack “.